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  • Kunstindustrien - Abstract Flowers Wax Altar Candles


    • Length: 25cm
    • Diameter: 5cm 


    Malene Birger´s artwork takes our candles to another level. 
    Her art is bold, clear and uncompromising and her graphic expression turned out to be a perfect match for the strict shapes of our wax altar candles. 
    Malene´s choice of the theme ABSTRACT FLOWERS, is about growth after a long period of stagnation. It is also about coming together, being connected and enjoying the moments we share with family and friends. 

    ABSTRACT FLOWERS come in both black and gold. 
    You may combine different sizes and artworks for an individual expression – or just enjoy the simple beauty of a single burning candle

    Kunstindustrien - Abstract Flowers Altar Candles 5cm x 25cm - Wild Flowers Gold

    SKU: MB-525-G CC:34060000
    £16.95 Regular Price
    £12.71Sale Price
    Colour: Gold
    • 1. Always keep the wick at a maximum 1cm before lighting your candle. Your candle will burn longer with a shorter wick and oozing is prevented.
      2. Put out your candle by dipping the wick into its liquid wax. This way you will avoid ooze and the candle will be much easier to light the next time you use it.

      3. Never leave your candle in a drafty area (window sill with old windows, above a heater, close to a vent or fan, in open door/hallways etc.) – this will make the candle run, burn more to one side, or both.