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  • Kay Bojesen's Bride is original and classic Danish wood craftsmanship at its best – designed in Bojesen’s iconic round shapes with a familiar twinkle in her eye.

    The bride measures 17 cm and comes in a floor-length white dress with long sleeves and feminine silver details in the form of a tie around the waist and at the wrists. Using a fine line, ultra thin stripes have been painted on the dress, giving it a sense of movement and texture. This touch accentuates the figurine’s soft shape and adds an extra dimension to the white dress. The hair is swept back in a simple hairstyle, and like Kay Bojesen’s original figurines, the cheeks are red and the smile is friendly and welcoming.

    The figurine is made from FSC-certified beech and crafted in the same high quality that Kay Bojesen's wooden figurines are known for.

    Give the Bride as a gift at the upcoming hen party, or let the elegant figurine find its way to the gift table paired with her chosen partner.

    Kay Bojesen Bride

    SKU: 39328 CC:4420190000
    £89.00 Regular Price
    £71.20Sale Price