• After years of heavy usage, your sheepskin rug may not be looking too special, but our British made slicker brushes can keep them as good as new.


    Use this brush by combing the sheepskin rug with the flow of the wool and keep it as beautiful and fluffy as when you bought it.


    These sheepskin brushes can also be used on our sheepskin hats to clean the fleece and make it fluffy again, particularly important for our big fluffy sheepskin hats.


    Just like our sheepskin rugs and hats are brushes are made entirely in Britain (Yorkshire to be precise) and are specifically designed for sheepskin - they are wide and sturdy with fine metal teeth and a solid real wood handle.


    Collection, National and International delivery available on this item.


    We regularly send items to Europe and the rest of the world - please send us an e-mail telling us which item/s you are interested in, along with the address you want it sending to and we will come back to you with a price. 

    Sheepskin Care Slicker Brush

    SKU: Sheepskin Slicker

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