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  • Kunstindustrien - Hand Dipped Taper Candles 45cm - 4 per gift pack


    • Length: 45cm
    • Diameter: 2.2cm 
    • Burn time approx. 20 hours
    • Material: High quality paraffin



    Our vision is to continue to develop KunstIndustrien's products toward even more sustainability and craftmanship of very high quality. Simultaneously our work on adding new products and concepts for our portfolio is ongoing.


    Kunstindustrien - Pastel Yellow Taper Candles - 45cm - 4 per gift box

    SKU: SB-2245-59 CC: 34060000
    Colour: Yellow
    • 1. Always keep the wick at a maximum 1cm before lighting your candle. Your candle will burn longer with a shorter wick and oozing is prevented.
      2. Put out your candle by dipping the wick into its liquid wax. This way you will avoid ooze and the candle will be much easier to light the next time you use it.

      3. Never leave your candle in a drafty area (window sill with old windows, above a heater, close to a vent or fan, in open door/hallways etc.) – this will make the candle run, burn more to one side, or both.