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  • Kay Bojesen has taken care of the design, but you chose the colours. Welcome to Flora, Songbird of the Year 2024, ready to fly onto your shelf and become part of the collection. With her bright pink personality, she won the vote for Songbird of the Year 2024, and you can't help but smile when you look at her. In Greek mythology, Flora was the goddess of spring and flowers, and her inspiration from the world of flowers is evident in the choice of colours – right down to the beak, which is like the yellow centre of a flower. Flora is produced in a limited edition and engraved with the year. The Songbird of the Year 2024 is slightly smaller than the classic Songbird, but just as charming. Just like the other Kay Bojesen songbirds, it is made from FSC®-certified beech wood, which guarantees that the trees used in production are planted, cultivated and felled responsibly. Flora is naturally hand-finished and painted in beautiful colours with great precision and skill. The craftsmanship quality typical of Kay Bojesen’s figurines shines through clearly – just like Flora’s charming personality.

    Kay Bojesen - Songbird Flora Year Bird 2024

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